A family story


Louis Férey « the grandfather » receives, as a family legacy, a little farm with apple trees and a press to make juices. At the time, the cider and calvados production is only used for the family consumption. In the best years, the apples remaining are sold “in town” and even to Spain.


Joël « the son » takes over the farm and christens it “The orchards’ passion”. And passion, he will need much of it as the apple trees have been decimated par the storm the same year. He then replants the destroyed orchards. Armed with the expertise he acquired with his father, he decides to turn the apple into cider and many other products. Joined by his children, he commercializes his production through direct selling and on the area’s marketplaces.


After having sold their father’s products and met many producers on fairs and markets, Anne-Laure and Laurent “the daughter and the son” create the first shop “The orchards ‘ passion” at Martinvast.

Thus, they add value to their father’s production but also highlight the tastes and flavours of the Norman soil.


Joel passes on the cider-making farm “Les Vergers de la Passion” to his other son Damien. After two years spent in studying oenology, Damien comes back at the farm with the intention of making good “ber” as his grandfather used to say…


Laurent and Sébastien, his elder brother, back in Normandy, open the second shop at Douvres-la-Délivrande and decide to christen both shops “House of regional products”.

What happens next is to discover…