Norman gourmand pancakes for Candlemas !

crêpes gourmandes pour la Chandeleur - Gourmand pancakes for Candlemas

Want some gourmand pancakes for Candlemas ?

At the House of Regional Products, we have all you need to make delicious pancakes !

The flours from Normandy

Moulins Roupsard propose to you some flours stem from wheats mixes selected carefully. Apart from the quality of their flours, they also guarantee a traceability from the field until the consumer. For your pancakes, we suggest you these 2 flours :

Photo farine froment

  • Wheat flour T55
  • Organic buckwheat flour

The ciders to go with your pancakes

We propose to you the cider from our family cider-making farm Vergers de la Passion. It is better if you take a dry cider for the salted buckwheat pancakes and a semi-dry cider for the sweet pancakes.

Photo caramel de pommes DieppoisThe jams and spreads

  • To go on about Normandy, we suggest you the soft apples’ jelly from Délices de Camille or the divine jams from the Ferme Noe Rousse. There is something for everyone !
  • On a different note, the dulce de leche plain or flavoured from the farm Lait Douceur Normandie will suit perfectly.
  • To conclude, let yourself be tempted by the salted caramel with apples from Dieppe, you will not get over it !

To discover our other traditional jams, you can go on our page dedicated to sweet products.

You can find our other regional products and our delicatessen products in our shops of Douvres la Délivrande (near Caen in Calvados) and of Martinvast (at the gates of Cherbourg in Cotentin). We are open from Monday to Sunday, here is the  timetable.

See you soon,

The team of the House of Regional Products