Novelty : Organic madeleines Jeannette

Madeleines Jeannette bio - Organic madeleines Jeannette

The organic madeleines Jeannette show up at the House of Regional Products !

Near Caen, the madeleines Jeannette carry on to grow and innovate. Since the end of april 2017, the company has enlarged its range and proposes from now on a new variety : the madeleines Jeannette certified by the organic farming label. You can find them as of now in your shops House of Regional Products in Martinvast and Douvres-la-Délivrande.

The organic madeleines Jeannette

The madeleines Jeannette propose only recently a range of madeleines 100% organic. We had to wait to see this new range, which meets a strong expectation, because there was no Norman organic butter producer on the territory.

While waiting for the production of organic butter by the cooperative of Isigny-Sainte-Mère in the near future, the Norman madeleine turned to… the Breton organic butter ! For information, Jeannette receives around 4 tons of butter each month to make the 1,2 tons of madeleines produced monthly.

Butter, fresh eggs, cane sugar and fleur de sel are the ingredients of this madeleine naturally red. This one falls into a process of organic agriculture thanks to its ingredients of quality, cultivated in accordance with the environment. For the moment, it is only proposed “plain”.
It is worth noting that their taste is different from the traditional plain madeleines because of the use of cane sugar which gives them a flavour recalling gingerbread.

Madeleines Jeannette bio

And what about the future…

Other projects are in preparation since some madeleines flavoured with alcohol should see the light of day soon. We wait impatiently the madeleines Jeannette with Calvados and why not rum and cognac…

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See you soon,

The team of the House of Regional Products