Our gift selection for Schoolteachers’ Day

Fête des maîtresses - Schoolteachers' Day

Discover our selection of gourmand gifts for Schoolteachers’ Day

With the end of the year coming, it is very soon Schoolteachers’ Day ! We propose to you a selection of gourmand gifts to say “thank you” to the schoolteachers who took care of your children.

The little sweet delights

There is nothing better than the traditional chocolate square to go with coffee.

We suggest the assortment of chocolate squares Monbana. There is something to suit all tastes and of many colours. Black chocolate : cocoa beans, cereals, nougat ;  milk chocolate : nougat, cereals, slivers of caramel, praline or cappuccino.

On a more normand note, the madeleines flavoured with raspberry Jeannette will be perfect. The powerful scent, both sweet and acid, will awake the palate of your teacher.

As an allusion, we suggest the jam of “wise children” created by the Délices de Camille. It associates pear and chocolate, in a smooth texture, such as a chocolate spread. Delicious for the after-shool snack but also on crêpes or on a toast still tepid. To go with a good hot chocolate !

The hot drinks

When talking of hot chocolate… To all the gourmands, we advise the “Hot chocolate” of Comptoir de Mathilde. There is nothing better than those chocolate-flavoured spoons to dip in a mug of hot milk… A delight !

If your child’s schoolteacher prefers tea, we suggest the tea of “big kisses”. This black tea from China mixes strawberry and rose for a very flavoured and soft cup, as a big kiss. A delight as a dessert and for after-school snack.

We can also make him/her discover the carcadet “Summer night” from Dammann Frères. It is a mix of hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, peels of cynorrhodon with aroma of raspberry, strawberry and cream.

The accessories to go with the tea time

To appreciate a good tea, go for a nice tea set. Offer the one called “Great it’s tea time”.
For the ones who prefer the mugs, the company Puce and Nino proposes some original creations. For the occasion, the “Special Teacher” will be perfect !

We remind you that you can find our other terroir products dedicated to sweet productsthe savoury products and the drinks.

See you soon,

The team of the House of Regional Products