Salted products

Do you fancy good products from local and artisanal producers ? Discover our range of the best Norman salted products and specialities.

In our range of salted delicatessen from Normandy, we suggest you a wide choice of typical cooked meals such as the tripes « à la mode de Caen » or the famous andouille from Vire, true emblems of the “made in Normandy”.

Discover even more emblematic products and culinary specialities from other french areas. Let’s celebrate the flavours and the terroir cooking !

Creams to spread / apéritif biscuits

Amongst our selection of spread creams and aperitif biscuits coming from the norman terroir, you will find :

    • To make delicious norman toasts, we propose you the cheese to spread from Ronde des Tartines. Enjoy with your friends the creamy of the Livarot or the well-seasoned camembert with unpasteurised artisanal milk associated with the fullness of the shallots.
    • The original aperitif creations from Biscuiterie de Quinéville. The crackers flavoured with onion, soft paprika and tomato will become the unmissable in your family aperitifs.We also propose specialities coming from other french areas such as Délices du Lubéron. Traditional tapenades made from olives or savoury mediterranean recipes, for exemple the anchovy spread or the sardine spread, there is something for everyone !

Pâtés and Rillettes

We propose you a selection of terrines, rillettes and pâtés, each one better than the last. Made from poultry of pork, enjoy the authenticity and the savoir-faire of our beautiful area Normandy during a friendly aperitif.

  • The authentic and melting rillettes with foie gras from Fraserie breeding farm.
  • The black pudding to spread and the different norman terrines made from pork from Chaiseronne will remind you the flavours of bygone days.
  • The smooth hens rillettes with apples only cooked with free-range hens from Val Fleuri farm. They are accompanied by a slight touch of cinnamon.
  • The countryside pâté flavoured with pommeau. Cooked according to the tradition by the Cistercian monks from the Abbey Notre-Dame de Grâce in Bricquebec, it will give your guests real pleasure.

Sea food products

Discover our wide range of sea food products. Salmon terrines, soups and various jars, you will definitely find something to liven up your aperitifs, meals or starters with a nice marine touch ! We propose you, amongst other products :

  • The different recipes of authentic and natural rillettes from Atelier du Poissonnier. They are cooked with sea products of high quality.
  • The soups and fish cream soups with unrivaled taste and genuine flavours. They are cooked by the canning factory Maison Saint-Lô situated in Sauveur-Lendelin in the Manche department.
  • The delicious mackerels cooked with tomato or white wine according to the traditional recipe from the norman company Saveurs du Jardin.
  • The sardine, tuna and mackerel cans cooked in a traditional way and put in cans by hand at the canning factory Gonidec. They are livened up by olive oil and Muscadet white wine.

Cooked meals

Find out the authenticity and savoir-faire of our producers in your plate. Here are some delicious farmer cooked meals from Normandy. Close your eyes and enjoy !

  • The delighful tripes from Vire cooked by Maison Ruault. Tripe sellers from father to son, the prepare the tripes « à la mode de Caen » or with Calvados.
  • The cooked meals made from duck from the Fraserie farm. The gourmet will enjoy the cassoulet or the duck confits.
  • The cooked meals from the norman butcher shop Chaiseronne. On the menu : norman potée and navarin of lamb.
  • The delicious snails cooked with camembert cream and parsley at the farm Le P’tit Gris des Moulins.
  • Stewed in cider with some vegetables, the hen with cider from the Ferme du Val Fleuri will be a treat for your taste buds !

Soups / Vegetables in can / Rice / Pasta

We propose you a selection of soups and vegetable cream soups to accompany you during the norman winter. Discover also the vegetable hens, pasta and rice to go along with your little meals !

    • The traditional vegetable soups made from local products. Totally artisanal, they are free from preservatives and artificial colourings.
    • The mushrooms and asparagus cream soups from Potager du Grand-Mère.
    • The vegetable jars and artisanal purées stewed by Potager de Gascogne.
    • The dry leguminous plants with, for exemple, the green lentils from Berry.
    • See our producers

Spices and condiments

We propose you a wide range of spices and condiments to give authenticity and flavour to your meals. In addition to the taste, spices will give a unique colour to your culinary preparations !

  • The cider vinegar and the old-style mustard coming from our family production « Les Vergers de la Passion »  will season your salads.
  • The fig confit and onion confit will wonderfully enliven your fried foie gras or your roasted duck breast fillet.
  • The mustards flavoured with gingerbread, basil, tarragon, curry, honey, walnuts or blackcurrant from the mustard factory Edmond Fallot.
  • A wide range of spices such as the turmeric to give a punchy colour and saffron-flavoured to your white meat. On a different note, the sichuan pepper, slightly lemon-flavoured, will go perfectly with the fish or the chicken.