Sweet products

Looking for something sweet ? Come and discover our selection of sweets to please all gourmand people, adults and children.

Among our range sweet products, we suggest you a wide choice of terroir products such as our soft artisanal jams, our tasty honeys as well as our delicious biscuits and gingerbreads.
We also propose many Norman specialities : the traditional teurgoule, the dulce de leche and the caramels with Isigny butter.

Cakes / Biscuits

Among our selection of Norman terroir products, you will find :

  • The traditional Norman butter biscuit cooked by Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye.
  • The delicious small financiers with the true and good butter from Normandie by Maison du Biscuit.
  • The tasty cookies with hazelnuts slivers and Isigny caramel from Biscuiterie de Saint-Mère Eglise.
  • The traditional madeleines and the organic madeleines from the biscuit factory  Jeannette.
  • The shortbread tradition with Normandy butter from the biscuit factory Les Sablés d’Asnelles.
  • The artisanal Norman gingerbread by the Master of gingerbread from Caen, Pascal Bodet.

Among our cakes and biscuits from other French areas :

  • The crispbreads from the crispbreads factory La Chanteracoise whom the recipe is still unchanged since 1960.


Among our chocolate treats from the Norman terroir, you will find :

  • The chocolate boxes and the chocolate “mendiants” by Chevaliers d’Argouges.
  • The irresistible almond biscuits with milk and black chocolate by Maison du Biscuit.
  • The chocolate cornflakes cakes with three chocolates cooked by the biscuit factory of Sainte-Mère Eglise.

Among our chocolates from other French and Belgian areas :

  • The tasty orangettes, the chocolate truffles and the chocolate boxes Monbana.
  • The artisanal chocolate bars to break made by Comptoir de Mathilde.
  • The grape seeds coated with chocolate and flavoured with pommeau and sauternes by the chocolate factory Verdier.
  • The original flavours of belgian chocolate with the gourmand bars by the Chocolate master Dolfin.


Among our range of norman terroir products, you will find :

  • The fruit jellies with the delicate flavours by the Benedictine Sisters of the Abbaye de Valognes.
  • A selection of Isigny caramels : plain, salted butter, calvados. 100% made in Normandie.
  • The authentic and traditional taste of the Norman sweet making with the lollipops and sweets Barnier.

Among our sweets coming from other French areas :

  • The genuine Montélimar nougat prepared in a cooking pot and the well-known calissons d’Aix.
  • A smell of childhood with the Flavigny aniseed sweets : anis, lemon, violet.
  • The Bêtises de Cambrai, this original sweet with the refreshing flavour of mint or other various flavours.

Desserts / Making for desserts

Among our selection of Norman terroir product, you will find :

  • The kits to cook made by Moulin de Thibo & Caro : muffins, madeleines and cookies.
  • The flours selected by Moulin Roupsard : brown, wholegrain, buckwheat, rye, corn and chestnut.
  • Traditional norman dessert, the teurgoule from the ferme de la Chouquerie is cooked with fresh milk.

Among our preparations and desserts coming from other French areas :

  • The preparations for dessert made by Quai Sud : cookies and rice pudding.

Jams / Honeys

Among our range of Norman terroir products, you will find :

  • The jams and jellies cooked in the traditional way by the ferme de la Noé Rousse located in the Orne, a department of Normandy.
  • The tasty jams with new and original mixes from Délices de Camille.
  • True Norman speciality, the dulce de leche produced by Lait Douceur de Normandie.
  • The Normandy wild honey and the royal jelly made by Produits de la Ruche.

Among our honeys and jams from other French areas :

  • The spreads milk and hazelnuts plain or with caramel slivers from Comptoir de Mathilde.

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